This exceptional organization has announced that starting in May 2017, dRworks will no longer be offering trainings, workshops, or organizational consulting.  If you don’t know about dRworks, visit the website.  The list of Resources on the DRWorks website is extraordinary!


Nancy Mebane Shakir

A dear friend and supporter of AAERO died in February 2017.  She gave generously of her time, wisdom, energy and love to people and causes she valued.  Public education was a passion Nancy pursued in many ways, as a teacher, school administrator, speaker, and host of radio and community television programs. In 2012 Nancy Shakir conducted an interview with Paula Quick Hall in an effort to let more people in Fayetteville North Carolina know about AAERO.  Her passing is a tremendous loss to the community!shakir-hall-tv-interview-2

Nancy Shakir was a passionate and skillful anti-racist educator. Read about Nancy’s life and her work with Democracy North Carolina here.  For more information about racial equity, see the “Words Matter!” section of Why AAERO.

“Achievement” Gaps

You don’t want to miss this!  If you want to get deeper insight into the “achievement gap” in education, listen to this brief excerpt of an interview with John B. Diamond discussing his research in “an enviably affluent, diverse, and liberal district” in which “the school is well-funded, its teachers are well-trained, and many of its students are high-achieving.”  The abstract of the book, Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools, by Amanda E. Lewis and John B. Diamond, provides a preview of what these researchers learned. To learn more about John B. Diamond visit his page at the University of Wisconsin. For information about the book see Oxford University Press.



About Black women

If you haven’t done so I hope you’ll read two articles that raise important issues about how  many in our society see Black women, and how those perceptions are created, reinforced, and acted upon.  Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote in The Atlantic about “Nina Simone’s Face.”

In one of four thank you letters to First Lady Michelle Obama,  “To the First Lady, with Love,” Chimamanda Ngozi Adicie wrote about the racist implications of public reactions to the First Lady.

There is much more to think about as you read these articles.  I’m just focused on one aspect that deserves our attention.  I am grateful for these writers!  What do you think?


NC Central University Outreach

AAERO, in partnership with the Office of Community Engagement and Service (OCES) at North Carolina Central University, offers students opportunities to earn community service credit while serving AAERO as research assistants and in other roles.  Above is a photo from a recent outreach event at North Carolina Central University, at which Paula Quick Hall shared information with students about community service opportunities with Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, also a partner with OCES.