Africa AccessFor excellent sources of information about Africa, especially for elementary and secondary school students, this source is essential!


If you are seeking information or help planning and preparing for college, the College Board is an excellent resource!  There are practice tests, profiles of colleges, and information about when to take standardized tests.  Register and see the wealth of information available.

College Inc

In College, Inc., documents the promise and explosive growth of the for-profit higher education industry. Through interviews with school executives, government officials, admissions counselors, former students and industry observers, the film explores the tension between the industry — which says it’s helping an underserved student population obtain a quality education and marketable job skills — and critics who charge the for-profits with churning out worthless degrees that leave students with a mountain of debt.  Watch this film and share your experience with college recruitment.


Kia Hall went to the Iriona region of Honduras to study community development in the Garifuna community, and learned about the production of ereba, or cassava bread. Funded by a Fulbright grant, she spent ten months in Honduras, learning about this staple food that is at the heart of women’s development and community development in the villages of Iriona. Visit Dr. Hall’s blog to learn more.